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Using Custom Fields

Collect member data that is important to you through the use of Custom Fields for member profiles!

Manage Custom Fields in Chorus Connection

Go to: Manage>Custom Fields (Admin Only)

You can create and maintain the Chorus Connection member profile fields that are important to your organization! You can choose from a variety of field formats and categories. Some fields can appear right on member profiles, while others you can choose to keep private for office use. You have full control over who can see and update the information. And, yes, your custom fields are exportable with member information!

Sample Custom Fields

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Pronouns
  • Board or Organization Job Title
  • Second Phone Number or Email Address
  • Music Number or Member Number
  • T-Shirt/Attire Size
  • School or Church/Parish Name

The Basics: Creating, Editing, and Deleting Custom Fields

  • Create a Custom Field: Click the New button, then type the status's name and check the box if the status is archival.
  • Edit a Custom Field: Click the green Edit button beside it. You can change the name of the field, category, help text, and permissions. Contact us for advanced edits to field type or drop-down values. We're happy to help!
  • Delete a Custom Field: Contact us to delete a custom field. Deleting a custom field will result in permanent data removal.

Custom Field Options

  • Label: That's the name of the field that will show on the profile screen.
  • Internal Name: That's usually hidden. It'll show as the column header when you export member data.
  • Category: That's where you want your field to show up on the member profile page. 
    • Names - Shown at the top with the member's name. 
    • Membership Info - Shown near the member's status and voice part, etc.
    • Contact Info - Shown with the member's email and phone number, etc.
    • Other Info - Shown with the member's height, birthday, about me, etc.
    • Office Use - Shown at the bottom of the profile with other administrative information.
  • Field Type: You can choose from various types. Sometimes you might need a checkbox (yes/no) answer or a drop-down for things like attire sizes (S, M, L, XL, etc.)
  • Help Text: That's where you can show your users additional information on how to use the field. 
  • Permissions: This allows you to control who can see and edit this information.
    • Members cannot View or Edit - This is a true "office only" field. Members cannot see this information about themselves. It's never shown in the Member Directory. Admins and anyone with Manage permission for Members can see this information.
    • Members can only View - Members can only see this information about themselves; they cannot edit it. You can choose if this information is shown in the Member Directory.
    • Members can both View and Edit - Members can see and edit this information. You can choose if this information is shown in the Member Directory.
    • Show in Member Directory Profile? - You can decide if a Custom Field is shown in member profiles in the member's view of the Directory. Choose wisely! You wouldn't want to show something like attire size information to the whole organization.