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Chorus Connection for Youth Choirs

Parents can manage their children's choral activities with ease.


Parents can log in to one account and easily manage each child’s profile information, tuition payments, concert calendar, and receive only relevant communications.

Relationships Connect Parents and Children

Every person in Chorus Connection has a profile. Each parent/caregiver has a profile and each child has a profile. These profiles are connected with a Relationship. Relationships allow parents to do everything in Chorus Connection on behalf of their children.

As an admin or manager, you can assign parent(s) to each child profile with a "parent" relationship or vice-versa. You can assign children to each parent profile with a "youth" relationship. Any number of adults can be connected to a child to allow for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers.

  • Creating Relationships: Relationships are managed in a member's profile. You can create/edit relationships from either the parent or child profile. Simply go to  Manage>Members and edit the profile. Under the Relationships section, you'll add the family member and define the type of relationship (parent or youth).
  • Profile Management: When parents go to  My Account>My Profiles, they'll see a tabbed view based on their relationships. The parent will have their own profile tab (with their own profile picture) and each child will have a profile tab with their picture and details. Parents edit their own profile details and their child profiles separately. This allows for accurate contact information for families with multiple households.
  • Communications: Parents will receive messages based on their child's participation. For example, if the child is enrolled in the "Level 2" ensemble, the parent will receive messages related to Level 2. They don't need to receive information about other levels. All adults connected to a child with a "parent" relationship receive copies of all communications. If any of your children (aged 13 and older) have email addresses, they’ll receive those same emails, making sure they’re all on the same page.
  • Calendar: Parents have a tailored, color-coded view of the calendar on Chorus Connection. This allows them to see only events for their family and which events pertain to which child.
  • Making Payments Online: When parents go to My Account>Payments Center, again, they'll see a tabbed view based on their relationships. Each child will have a tab so it's very easy to see the status of each child's account and it's clear how much is owed for tuition or other fees.