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Using Ticket Reports

Go to: Manage>Tickets>Reports

Orders Report

Go to: Manage>Payments>Payment Reports>All Payments Report

The Orders Report shows your order history for all ticketed events. It includes a breakdown of ticket payments and fees.

When do I use this report?

  • To generate a comprehensive report using all ticket order history.
  • To export ticket order history to a CSV.
  • To review ticket revenue, ticket fees, and processing fees in a file that you can manipulate.

Will Call Reports

Go to: Manage>Payments>Payment Reports>Item Sales Reports

Will Call Reports include the ticket buyers for each event. It shows the type and quantity of tickets along with the delivery method for each.

When do I use this report?

  • To generate a door list of ticket holders to be used at an event.
  • To export ticket order history to a CSV.

Bank Reconciliation

Go to: Manage>Payments>Payment Reports>Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation Report shows the detail for each payout to your bank account, including all member payments, ticket orders, and processing fees. It also shows your account balance and the current week's batch of payments awaiting the next payout.

When do I use this report?

  • For weekly bookkeeping; to reconcile each bank payout. To see a summary of the money collected and the details of orders that were batched into the deposit.
  • To view your current balance before issuing refunds to members or ticket patrons.
  • To monitor cash flow.
  • To export payout/deposit details to a CSV.