Overview of the Dashboard

Use the Dashboard as your members-only homepage or "quick reference" sheet for your singers.

Manage the Dashboard in Chorus Connection

Go to: Manage>Dashboard

The Dashboard is your Chorus's home page. It contains several panels of information — the center panel is customizable and other portions are automatically populated based on the member's permissions and events in the calendar.

About the Dashboard Settings

  • Upcoming Events: You can designate the time frame for events to appear here for all members. If your chorus calendar is very busy, you might choose a short time frame. If your chorus calendar is less full, you might choose the full 14 days.
  • Recent Emails: You can designate the timeframe for Group emails and RSVP-related messages to appear here for all members. If your group sends a high volume of messages you might consider a short time frame. Note: Only messages that members would have received in their own e-mail inbox will appear in their Dashboard view.
  • Custom Dashboard Content: This is a spot where you can post valuable information for your members. It supports basic formatting and hyperlinks to resources on Chorus Connection and on the Internet. Check out the sample screenshot below.