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Overview of Members

Add new members, edit member profiles, deactivate members, import, export, and more!

Manage Members in Chorus Connection

Go to: Manage>Members (Admins & Managers Only)

Come here to add new members or to edit profiles.  As an Admin or Manager, you can also view "office only" information that's otherwise hidden from typical users.

The Basics: Adding, Viewing, Editing, Inviting, Exporting, Importing, and Deleting Members

  • Add a new member: Click the New button then fill out the person's profile. When you save a profile with an email address and an active status, an email invitation will be sent to the person instantly.
  • View a member profile: Click the blue Profile button beside it. Since you have special permission, you'll see all "office only" information.
  • Edit a member profile: Click the green Edit button beside it. Since you have special permission, you'll be able to see and edit all information including "office only" type information.
  • Resend invitations: If a member has not yet activated their account, you can resend their email invitation. Use the blue "resend invite" link next to their name.
  • Resend All Invites: Use this button to send another email invitation to all active members who have not yet activated their accounts.
  • Import: You can import members from a spreadsheet. You can always see your past import results. See this article on Imports for more information!
  • Export: You can export your entire member database to a simple spreadsheet and you'll always see your past export results. This includes active and archival members and all profile fields, including custom fields. Once in a spreadsheet, you can sort, filter, and use the data in other platforms like email marketing, etc.
  • User Limit: This shows the number of active users with email addresses in your chorus. Contact us if you need to upgrade your subscription to invite more members. Also, reach out if you have fewer members as we can discuss downgrading your subscription to save money!
  • Filter & Sort: This allows you to show only certain Sections or Statuses and change the display order. Important note: By default, only active members are shown. Adjust your filters to include archival statuses to see archived members.
  • Delete a member: Typically you wouldn't delete a profile. Instead, you would update the member's status to an archival status to remove it from the directory. Contact us if you have a special situation like a duplicate or other error. We can discuss options and possibly merge profiles for you.