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Overview of Groups

Groups allow you to categorize people, like Statuses and Sections, but with more flexibility!

Go to: Manage>Groups

The Basics

Groups work much like the Statuses and Sections with several key differences:

  • Groups are optional: A member could belong to one group or all of the groups. The only required group is the "All Members" or "Everybody" group.
  • Any "active" member can be added to any group: You're not limited to one Section or one Status. You can add any "active" member to any group.
  • Groups are assigned in the Group settings: Statuses and Sections are assigned inside the member's profile. Groups are different—you add or remove members under Manage>Groups.

Sample Groups

We start you off with a sample set of groups to help you envision other groups you'll want to create. You're bound to create a large number over time. Other ideas could include:

  • Committees
  • Volunteers
  • Soloists
  • Staff Departments (artistic vs. administrative)
  • Tour Participants

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Groups

  • To create a Group: Click the New button then type the group's name and the group's email address. You're able to customize the email address before the @ symbol.
  • To edit a Group: Click the green Edit button beside it. You can change the name of the group and you can customize the e-mail address.
  • To adjust the Group email permissions: Each group has an email address, and you have total control over who can use it. You can choose from three options so only the right people can e-blast the members of this status.
    • Admins only: This locks down the email address so only full Admins can send emails to this list.
    • Admins and some group members: This allows you to select individual users and grant them permission to send emails to this list. (Check the "Can Email?" box for each person to which you would like to give email privileges.)
    • Admins and all group members: This turns the email address into a "chat" list. Please use this setting carefully since it means that every singer can send and "reply all" to every group message.
  • To delete a Group: Make sure that no members have the status. Then click the Delete button next to the group. 

Important note: Deleting a group will permanently delete the group's email archive.

Adding or Removing Group Members

You add or remove members of a group under Manage>Groups. Click the green Edit button next to the group you would like to edit. On the edit page, you'll see a list of all active people with an Include? checkbox next to each person's name. Check or uncheck the box to add or remove the person from the group.


Having trouble deciding on "groups" for your organization? Fear not! Chorus Connection is flexible because we know that each group is set up a bit differently. Our team can help you configure groups in the best way to meet your chorus's needs!