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Overview of Attendance

Attendance is integrated with the calendar, and you can mark a singer as "present" with one tap!

Manage Attendance in Chorus Connection

Go to: Manage>Attendance (Admins & Managers Only)

Attendance Settings

You configure attendance settings for a rehearsal in the calendar in a rehearsal event. Be sure to check out the article on Creating Calendar Events.

  • Attendance settings in calendar events
    • Choose a Concert: We use concerts to bundle calendar events onto attendance sheets. If this is a rehearsal-type event that belongs to a concert cycle, you'll choose the appropriate concert period that you created to assign it to the correct attendance sheet. (You can learn more about concerts here.)
    • Click Track Attendance: Attendance is tracked with a simple point system. Most rehearsals will be worth 1 absence/point. Exceptions to this rule could include full-day rehearsals that you might make worth 2 points to "weight" it differently. You can also give a rehearsal an absence/point value of 0 if the rehearsal is "optional" or is a "make-up" rehearsal. Members who miss the rehearsal will not be penalized, while members who attend the rehearsal will get a "bonus" point, like extra credit to offset another absence.
  • Managing singers on an attendance sheet
    • Adding singers to an attendance sheet: Navigate to the concert's attendance sheet by going to Manage>Attendance and click the name of the concert. Click the Manage Singer's button and put a checkmark next to each singer who is participating in the concert cycle. Click the Save button.
    • Removing singers from an attendance sheet: You can remove singers in two ways. You can click the Manage Singers button and uncheck the box next to a singer's name. Or, you can simply click the "remove from concert" X in the attendance sheet's list view.
    • Updating singer statuses in the attendance sheet: You'll often learn that a singer isn't participating in a concert cycle while you're taking attendance. You can update a singer's status by using the Status drop-down next to each member's name in the attendance list view.

Taking Attendance

Attendance is recorded by date and section. By default, your first view of a concert cycle's attendance will be the Summary view.
  • To record attendance, be sure to choose the Section and Date you're working with.
  • Marking a singer as present: Depending on the type of device you're using, you can click or tap a member's point box for a rehearsal date. The click/tap will log a 1 to mark the singer as present. Anyone with a 0 is considered absent.
  • Updating a singer's attendance: You can always delete and type over the contents of a point box. You'll want to do this to give a singer partial credit (.5) for something like tardiness or to correct a mistake and update with another number like 1 or 0.

Demo Video

Here's a short video demonstrating how to take attendance on a phone or other mobile device.


Under Manage Singers, use the search box for statuses! If you type something like "Active," then you'll only see your active membership and it's easy to add everyone by clicking Check All.
Use the handy attendance Export for lists of singers for concert program books, stage door security lists, nametags, and more!