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Member Payment Refunds

Process or enter refunds back to the member's original payment method.

Go to: Manage>Payments>Member Accounts

Need Help? Money is important and we want to get you answers to all of your questions! Our team can help you make sense of member payments. Reach out to us at support@chorusconnection.com.

How to Process a Refund

  1. Go to Manage>Payments>Member Accounts
  2. Click the Details button next to the member you need.
  3. Scroll down and find the payment you need to refund.
  4. Click the actions button Actions-Menu to show your options for the payment.
  5. Click Issue Refund.
  6. Depending on the details of the order, you'll have various refund options.
    • Full Refund: Refund all funds collected for an order.
    • Partial Refund: Depending on the order, you'll see some of the following options:
      • Refund an installment payment.
      • Refund an entire item.
      • Refund a portion of an item.
    • Offline Payment Refund: Enter a refund for a payment received outside of Chorus Connection. (e.g. make note of a refund you issued by check.)
  7. Click Next and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the refund.


Refund FAQs


When will people receive their credit/debit card refunds?

People will see refunds back to their card accounts within 5-10 business days.

How are refunds funded? (Where does the money come from?)

The refunds you process will be deducted from your Account Balance for the week. This includes any incoming money from member or patron orders. You can always check your current Account Balance by visiting the Bank Reconciliation report page.

If the amount of a refund exceeds your current account balance, we may debit your bank account within 1-2 business days for the funds to cover the refund. For more information, check out our Terms of Service.

Are people notified when a refund has been processed?

Yes - if the original payment was an "online payment" processed through Chorus Connection with a credit/debit card. People will receive an email refund notification.

Notifications are not sent for refunds entered for offline payments (e.g. cash, check, etc.).

What happens to the processing fees when I issue a credit/debit card refund?

You get the processing fees back! And, there are no additional fees to process a refund.

Can I issue a refund to a different card than the original payment method?

No. Refunds can only be processed back to the original method of payment. Banks have methods of getting funds to account holders if a card has been canceled.

Can I undo a credit/debit card refund that I processed?

No. Refunds card refunds are final.

The system won't let me process a refund. What can I do?

Reach out to us at support@chorusconnection.com and we'll review options with you!