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Creating Calendar Events

Setting up the calendar is much like other online calendars but with added features tailored for choirs!

Manage the Calendar in Chorus Connection

Go to: Manage>Calendar (Admins & Managers Only)

Adding a New Event

Event names, locations, dates, times, repeating events, and info are exactly as you'd expect them to work. Below are features we created just for choral organizations.

  • Call Times: You can add a call time for events like performances. This will automatically add the call time to the calendar.
    Note: Use call times sparingly. Adding a call time to every event clutters the calendar
  • Tracking Attendance
    • Choose a Concert: We use concerts to bundle calendar events onto attendance sheets. If this is a rehearsal-type event that belongs to a concert cycle, you'll choose the appropriate concert period that you created to assign it to the correct attendance sheet. (You can learn more about concerts here.)
    • Click Track Attendance: Attendance is tracked with a simple point system. Most rehearsals will be worth 1 absence/point. Exceptions to this rule could include full-day rehearsals that you might make worth 2 points to "weight" it differently. You can also give a rehearsal an absence/point value of 0 if the rehearsal is "optional" or is a "make-up" rehearsal. Members who miss the rehearsal will not be penalized, while members who attend the rehearsal will get a "bonus" point, like extra credit to offset another absence.
  • Restrict Access: Restricting access to a calendar event allows you to limit the visibility of the event on the calendar to just the Groups, Sections, or Statuses you choose. Restricting access can also limit who received invitations if RSVPs are ever enabled for this event.

How do I add links to calendar events? You can share clickable links with your members in either the location field or the info field. Be sure to include the full URL, including the http:// or https://. This is great for virtual rehearsals and more!