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Billing & Subscription Information

This is where you can see your subscription information, manage your billing cycle, and your payment method.

Manage Billing in Chorus Connection

Go to: Manage>Billing (Admins Only)

On this page you can see the details of your current subscription, the payment method on file, and when your next payment will be processed.

  • Payment Method: This is the credit card we will use to process for payment at your next billing.
  • Subscription Plan: This shows your subscription price, user limit, and storage limit. Contact us if you would like to change your subscription plan; upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations.
  • Billing Cycle: You can switch between Monthly and Annual Billing. Any changes you make will take place at your next "Invoice Date" shown at the bottom. (You can save money with Annual Billing!)
  • Billing Email Address: This is where we will send payment receipts and notices of upcoming billing and renewals. We suggest entering the email address of an Admin.
  • Next Invoice Date: This is the next date your credit card will be charged for the subscription plan shown.