How to Add a Chorus Connection Members-Only Link to Your Website

Adding a "members login" link to your chorus's website is simple!

What is my chorus's abbreviated name?

When you sign up for a Chorus Connection free trial account, you'll be asked to create an abbreviated chorus name for your account. For example, if your chorus's name is "Gotham City Chorale," then your abbreviated chorus name might be "gcc" or "gothamcc."

Your chosen abbreviated chorus name will then be used to create a unique URL for your Chorus Connection account. Example:

Your abbreviated chorus name will also be used for the creation of your group email lists in Chorus Connection. Example:

How do I add a login link to my Chorus Connection account?

After you've purchased your Chorus Connection account and have completed your onboarding with our team, you'll likely consider adding a Chorus Connection login link to your chorus's website.

To do this, simply copy and paste your unique URL (Example: anywhere on your site. Most choral organizations typically add a "Members Login" link to their site navigation or footer menus.

How do I change my chorus's abbreviated name?

After you've created a free trial account, it is possible to change your chorus's abbreviated name. However, this will in turn change all of your related URLs. Because of this, if you would like to change your abbreviated name we highly recommend that you change your abbreviated name during your free trial period before inviting your members into your Chorus Connection account.

To change your abbreviated name, please contact us with your request.


Warning: Any changes to your chorus's abbreviated name after initial account creation will change all associated URLs and group email lists. We do not recommend changing this after you have invited members into your account. If you would like to change your abbreviated name, we recommend that you contact us during your free trial period and prior to inviting members into your Chorus Connection account.